What We Do

Provide resources and opportunities for individuals to discover and pursue lifelong goals and healthier, more productive lives including:

  • Tools and Resources to help support clients in starting businesses, obtaining housing, and pursuing educational goals. 
  • Educational programs to meet the needs of our clients primarily for trades and other skilled vocations.  Clients may attend programs developed by the Center or attend programs with our partner organizations.
  • Scholarships and grants to individuals attending educational institutions of higher learning.
  • Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling as needed to our clients. 
  • Foreign Aid to support other countries. 

Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

Aligning your Passions with God’s Original Blueprint for your Life

You’ve been created for a Purpose. Has your journey through life dampened your dreams and aspirations? You know there’s something better for you in life but haven’t quite been able to get there?

Come discover what you are really passionate about! Connect those passions with your gifts and talents and see yourself transformed to begin a new journey towards your divine purpose and assignment in life.

Enroll in our seminar on “An Epic Journey of Transformation” which will propel you into living life to the fullest as it was intended to be lived. We provide the process, tools, resources, and next steps to help you get there.

Small Business Development

Entrepreneur Development

Thinking of going out on your own and starting a business?

We help aspiring entrepreneurs learn the skills to launch and sustain a small business.  Clients may have a creative idea to develop a product or system and need support in bringing that product to market.  

Kairos offers technical assistance and training for aspiring and current business owners. Participants will be offered guidance and support through each stage of the business development process, from instructor-led workshops, field trips, online learning, and other training. Kairos offers the flexibility that today’s entrepreneurs need. Resources include assistance in:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Technology
  • Legal Structures
  • Financial Assistance
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Licensing/Permits
  • Social Media

Participants may receive business coaching, mentorships, and financial support for business start-up costs.  

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Division

Our Wealth Management Program is all about improving the financial and economic status of individuals and families. Our”Financial Empowerment Program” helps individuals in managing their financial resources through credit repair, savings, and investments.

Financial assistance may also be available for those attending college.

Vocational Technical/Education

African american worker standing in uniform wearing a safety hat in a factory

The Vocational Technical/Education will provide in-house training and support for those individuals pursuing a career in one of the trades who may not be able to attend a local college.  In-house instruction and experience will provide the formal training and apprenticeships that will lead to licensure and form the basis for employment.

Education and Development

Education and Development

There are four times as many opportunities for those who have some training or education when compared to those who do not. 

Our “Adult Education Initiative” address the special academic needs of adults by providing opportunities for education and continuous learning.  This Initiative primarily targets adults who are underemployed, unemployed, or who may have low levels of education.  

Opportunities are available in two primary components.

  1. Associate Degree or attending a certificate program for a particular course of study.
  2. Vocational trades (i.e. HVAC, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding, Avionics) through our Vocational Technical Institute.

Both paths can lead to exciting careers while affording you the privilege of earning thousands of dollars more over your lifetime.  Let us help you develop a career track.




Making the decision to purchase a home is a major challenge, especially with current economic conditions.  These challenges include everything from overcoming credit issues to making lifestyle challenges that will enable applicants to purchase a home.

The Center will begin developing affordable high-quality housing options that improve neighborhoods. Kairos develops single-family, multi-unit, mixed-use, and alternative housing for home ownership.  Our homes are equipped with the latest technology in energy efficiency to enable the homeowner to spend less resources on utilities.

 We develop housing for families of all sizes and ages, seniors, and people with disabilities. We emphasize affordability for people with incomes below 80% of the area median income.  Our homes are primarily targeted for first-time homeowners. Buyers are prepared and qualified to purchase through Kairos’ First Time Homebuyer Program.

Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid

Kairos supports efforts in Ghana, and Africa through Economic and Community Development. Current efforts underway involve building a school in Northern Ghana where much of the population has minimal opportunities to focus on educational development.