Kingdom Cars

Kingdom Cars, LLC

Kingdom Car Dealership is geared to assist middle and low-income individuals to purchase reliable transportation at affordable prices without extremely high-interest rates. Our mission is to provide quality vehicles while offering the same top-notch service to every customer regardless of their social or economic status. We have compiled a team of highly motivated individuals who are currently involved in the automotive industry from mechanics, auto body repair, service technicians, and advisors that are ready willing and able to educate our customers about the process of successfully purchasing their vehicle. Customers will be able to purchase vehicles from our company with confidence.

Life Insurance Tools

Life Insurance Tools, LLC

Life Insurance Tools was created with you in mind. Our goal is “To Help You Protect Yourself, Your Assets, and Most of All, Those You Love.” Proverbs 4:7 says, Wisdom is the principal thing; and in all thy getting, get understanding. At Life Insurance Tools we want to ensure your understanding that life insurance is about protection and leaving a legacy. Let our experts teach you how to utilize your life insurance benefits to their maximum potential. It’s what all major banks do, Why can’t you?

Crafty Inks

Crafty Ink, LLC

Crafty Inks was established in 2019 by Tyrell Brockington. The company sells finely handcrafted pens and other wood products using the finest quality of wood from around the world available in several exotic varieties. Each pen can be custom engraved to make it completely unique for our customers. These solid wood pens are gorgeous, long-lasting, and stylish and make great personalized gifts for relatives and friends, and holiday gifts for company ceremonies for well-deserving employees.

Clean Strokes Painting, Inc

Clean Strokes Painting, Inc

Clean Strokes LLC was established in November 2021 and is off to a great start. The company is a full-service residential and commercial contractor providing all of the interior and exterior services necessary to modernize, protect and improve the value of the property. The owner has already established business relationships with three general contractors as well as several residential clients. His past experience of 12 years in the painting business has afforded him the opportunity of creating positive cash flow while he builds the business by word of mouth and social media advertising. The company plans to build on current business models to expand to opportunities in the surrounding counties as far as Myrtle Beach, SC.